Our management team builds relationships based on trust and proven results. Our goal is to deliver high-quality services to improve the employee experience at your company. We take your organizational climate very seriously. That is why our solutions in Breakroom Management are specially designed to fit our clients’ needs, making your organization a ‘Great Place to Work’.

Where We Serve

Our clients are mid-size and large companies spread across the US. We work with a large number of independent operators and suppliers. We can service any location with fresh products in a timely manner.

  • Business +100 employees

Our Focus

We focus on employee breakrooms only, so we are not affiliated with companies that sell equipment or kiosks. We represent the original intent for a vending management company: to be a neutral, independent third-party auditor.

Operator Network

Our network is impressive and includes numerous minority-owned vending and office coffee providers. Our strict criteria ensure only the "best in class" operators are chosen for your program.

Customized For You

Our programs are customized to your needs and we provide quarterly data reports with insights that can help improve the employee breakroom experience.


Any organization is only as good as their people. We have been and will continue to build a team of dedicated individuals who are all working towards a common goal. We believe the two of the most abused words today are “Quality” and “Service”. We believe that our actions must speak louder than our words. As a management company, we are the connection between the customer and the vending operator, so it is imperative that we build relationships with both that are based upon mutual respect, trust, transparency, and integrity.


At Guardian Refresh, our mission is to help your businesses establish a new kind of relationship with your employee, taking it to a new level of trust and mutual understanding, thus improving your corporate culture. Our services can be combined in unique ways to change an old fashioned breakroom environment into a warm and comfortable place, respecting the personal needs of your employees to rest and recharge for the challenges they face during their working hours. We believe that retaining quality employees is critical to an organization’s continued success. Offering a pleasant and inviting breakroom experience will help make this happen.


Guardian Refresh is rapidly becoming one of the major management companies in the Breakroom Services Market across the US. We are establishing new partnerships and providing a high standard of service to our customers. Our vision is to let all Regional and National companies know that Guardian Refresh is here to represent the Independent American Family Owned Vending Company.



We specialize in national breakroom service management as a neutral, independent third-party auditor. Our exclusive community of best-in-class vending providers will deliver a customized program for you.

We use strict criteria to vet providers ensuring they are highly qualified

You have only ONE point of contact for all of your locations

We streamline ALL accounts for consistency and accuracy

We have innovative technology for touch-free vending and analytics reporting

Is Here with "No Cost" Hardware

This innovative technology allows consumers to make their product selection up to six feet from the machine using the PayRange App – never having to touch the machine itself. You can also use Apple Pay and Google Pay as another touchless method for payment.

Quality Assurance

Our site audits look closely for anything that is beyond the manufacturer’s expiration date. Based on our findings, we provide any corrective actions, and the operator is required to provide written documentation once the problem(s) are corrected to ensure you are getting the type of service you expect and deserve.

Analytics Reporting

Provides data in real-time to ensure proper accountability and accuracy. Tracks sales data and activity to keep the inventory moving and fresh. Monitors the purchasing patterns to encourage healthy menu choices.

If your company has over 100 employees, contact us for a free consultation about how we can help you achieve your goals.


These are our main offices' locations, but we offer our services nationwide.

Phoenix, AZ

7600 N 15th St, Suite 150
Phoenix, AZ – 85020-4327
Phone: (480) 805-9396

Las Vegas, NV

4525 S Sandhill Rd
Las Vegas, NV – 89121-5954
Phone: (702) 789-0646

Santa Ana, CA

2700 N Main St
Santa Ana, CA – 92705-6634
Phone: (949) 822-8363